Crocker park

The Golden Chestnut Tree

Today's image comes from a June sunset with another shot from this set now featured in the 2023 Marblehead Calendar (available for Pre-Order now at After capturing that wider angle, I moved to get this tighter shot setting the chestnut tree in full bloom against Abbot Hall in the background with golden light filling the sky and the blossoms.

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Yellow Orange Glow

And here is the image captured on Saturday, June 4th exactly 15 minutes before yesterday's shot of pink clouds behind Abbot. This was the view as the yellow orange glow of sunset with an oncoming thunderstorm reached near peak (peak was 2 minutes later in that wide shot I shared earlier in the week). The composition here is nearly identical to that captured a short time later and was unintentionally so. This one was carefully composed and shot on a tripod while the other was shot handheld as I literally ran to this spot before the pink clouds shifted away [...]

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Pink Clouds over Abbot Hall

On Saturday, after heading down the walkway to the float to capture purple rain over the harbor, I made my way back up in under two minutes to capture the pink clouds over Abbot Hall. The departing storm was reflecting the colors of the setting sun and the arc of clouds created an interesting dramatic look to the early June sky. This is a nearly identical composition to one I'll share tomorrow captured 15 minutes earlier when the sky was still exploring in that yellow orange glow. I'm curious which you will prefer.

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Orange Sky over Crocker

On Saturday  night, I had headed to Crocker Park ahead of a thunderstorm hoping for a rainbow. I arrived to find an incredible orange sky had developed as the last light of sunset lit up the clouds of an oncoming storm. I shared a tighter shot of Abbot Hall and its surrounding houses on Sunday but this was the grand view as seen from near the walkway leading to the float (not in quite yet). While the prior shot was taken at 105mm, this one was at 27mm to allow me to capture the entirety of that orange sky with [...]

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Last Night at Crocker

What incredible light we had last night at Crocker park ahead of that sunset rain storm that washed over Marblehead! (and a first test of my new email system) I was alerted to incoming rain at 7:30pm last night and, seeing how it was potentially timed with sunset, I figured there was a decent chance of capturing my first rainbow of the season. I decided to drive out to Crocker Park to give me options of shooting back towards the sunset light and then pivot to get a possible rainbow over the harbor. As the rain approached and the sun [...]

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Crocker in the Springtime

One final shot from my outing on Wednesday, April 27th. I had set up at the pier off Foster Street and captured closer shots of Abbot Hall with a lone sailboat moored in mid-harbor and then pivoted to capture the EYC launch boats. The last composition I wanted to capture was the wider view as the sunlight was helping to bring out the greens in Crocker Park sandwiched between Abbot and the State Street Landing. The contrast of light on Crocker and the darker clouds above with a bit of glow to the harbor water made for one last keeper [...]

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Pink Moonset

A wider shot from the full snow moon setting on February 16th than I had initially shared. It's easy to fall into the trap of zooming as far as possible but I try to make it a point to zoom out as well to take in the full scene. Here the 100mm view offered a full pink sky as well as the expanse of landmarks including Abbot Hall, Boston Yacht Club, Crocker Park, St Michael's and Grace Community Church.

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Top 10 of 2021 – #1 – Spring in the Park

And we have reached my favorite image of 2021. first I want to thank everyone for what ended up being a incredible year for calendar and print sales. For the first time ever, I had three separate calendar printings and received such kind works about the images chosen. I also had the fortune of hanging my work at Eat Well Kitchen where many of the prints sold right off the wall. It really is the highest of compliments for a photographer to have someone connect with an image to the point of wanting to hang a print in their home. [...]

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Sunset in the Rain

On Saturday night, I had headed out of the house when the rain began to fall and ended up at Crocker Park just in time to capture a rainbow over Marblehead Harbor. You may have noticed the boats were bathed in golden light...I sure did. Which prompted me to turn around and find this view of Abbot Hall awash in gold during a sunset in the rain. I captured 7 frames over a span of 2 minutes from Crocker Park while holding the camera in one hand and an umbrella in the other. This was the last frame and the [...]

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Endless Sunset

On June 15th one of the best sunsets of the year formed over Marblehead Neck and I happened to have picked the perfect spot from which to capture it. This is the eighth capture I will have shared from that night shooting every which way at Crocker Park. This was just after the peak of light over the Neck which had bathed the water in a golden reflection.  In this image captured a few minutes post-peak, the gold had become a bit more muted and introduced pinks and purples to the edges of the cloud as the sun dipped lower [...]

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