Shortly after my stop at Gatchell Park, I drove down to Goldthwait Reservation. I had checked the tides before leaving the house and knew the area would be filled with high tide water. I figured between the high water and the clouds overhead, I might have a nice grand view of the area from the rocks above at Devereux Beach.

I parked in the lot and then headed up the walkway and tried a few shots taking in the full view of Goldthwait but none of them really ‘worked’. I then had a thought and made my way carefully down those shifting rocks to the edge of the water and began playing in the grass – well, not really, but more exploring angles and reflections.  I had to wait for the sun to break through the clouds and lend some light to the tall grass but, when it did, I had the shot I was looking for. I used a circular polarizer to break up the reflection of the water in the foreground to highlight the smooth rocks and angled the camera just high enough to include the houses at the edge of the marshland.