The Grassy Hill at Fort Sewall

May 5th proved to be a very productive day.  As I wrote on the supermoon image and the recent 'two roads' one, a blanket of fog descended on me as I set up for a shot at Fort Sewall that evening.  When it became clear that the fog would not clear, I set about looking for images that wouldn't otherwise be available to me in clearer conditions. The telescope you see stands across the harbor from the lighthouse.  On a clear day, there is no way to not see the iconic structure and, therefore, the poor scope pales in comparison [...]

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The Marshland Sunrise

This is one of three entrances into the town of Marblehead.  I featured another in an earlier post and thought it fitting to follow up with this view.  This small bit of marsh land separates Salem from our town.  It is especially beautiful in the Summer as the grass reaches its peak and I made a note to try for a sunrise shot here.  This morning worked out well with clear sky and very calm conditions. Technical: Canon 50D and EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8 IS.  6 bracket HDR by 1EV brackets.

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