Playing in the Grass at Goldthwait

Shortly after my stop at Gatchell Park, I drove down to Goldthwait Reservation. I had checked the tides before leaving the house and knew the area would be filled with high tide water. I figured between the high water and the clouds overhead, I might have a nice grand view of the area from the rocks above at Devereux Beach. I parked in the lot and then headed up the walkway and tried a few shots taking in the full view of Goldthwait but none of them really 'worked'. I then had a thought and made my way carefully down [...]

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Snowy Owl in Marblehead

There have been snowy owl sightings in Marblehead for the past few winters but I had never had the good fortune to see (let alone try to photograph) one. Though I have never been drawn to the niche of bird photography, there is something about the snowy owl that makes them an incredible sight to behold. When I heard that one had been spotted in Marblehead in early January during that arctic cold blast, I decided to try to spot it. I ended up lucking out on my third outing when this owl perched on a familiar picnic bench near [...]

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A River Runs Through It

This is just about the exact opposite of yesterday's image of Abbot Hall with brilliant red foliage.  I had gone out for a second time at 5:00pm hoping the early evening light would help with what little foliage was to be found.  I flew my Phantom 4 Pro out from Riverhead Beach to mid-harbor and then came back and over the causeway headed for Goldthwait Reservation.  I wondered what a direct aerial image of the marsh might look like and was not disappointed with the views. I flew over the marsh for a while exploring the patterns below.  From above, [...]

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Rays of Light over Goldthwait Beach

Continuing with the great light featured this week, this is a shot from the afternoon of Sept 13th.  Storms seem to be missing us to the north and south on this particular day and I headed out in hopes of capturing the storms from a distance.  I started off at Devereux Beach where I shot under the cover of the picnic table structure. The clouds kept forming and braking and, at this point, broke at just the right spot to let in the rays of light from the sun.  You can just make out a spot of blue sky above [...]

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Walkway to the Clouds – Goldthwait Reservation

Back to the archives for this image from May 2011.  Ever since I found the walkways leading over the rocks and down to the beach at Goldthwait Reservation, I had wanted to photograph them.  I had a number of ideas in mind but never had the right conditions for them.  Finally on a cloudy day in May, the elements all seemed to come together.  I used a wide aperture to decrease the depth of field and waited at the bottom of the walkway for light to come through the thickening clouds.  The resultant image was what I hoped for but [...]

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Summer Sunset over Goldthwait Reservation

How about a warm image on this bitterly cold day?  One of the nice things about having an archive of images is being able to grab one from Summer to share on a cold Winter day.  This image of Goldthwait Reservation was taken at sunset in early June 2011.  I had walked out to this point on a number of occasions but either found the grass not green or the water level not high enough for a decent reflection.  On this day, it seemed all the elements came together (not to mention hundreds of mosquitos who feasted on me during [...]

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Thankful for Two Great Years of Sharing Images of Marblehead

It's Thanksgiving and I wanted to take this opportunity to give thanks to this incredible community for welcoming me and showing such support of my attempts to photograph this beautiful town I feel fortunate to call home. Thank you to all those who commented on my images both here and on my Facebook page. Thank you to everyone who emailed me with words of support and encouragement when an image had a particular effect on them. Thank you to all those who welcomed me into their physical homes (and roofs) during the Rooftop Thursday series.  And to all those who [...]

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