Crocker Park at dawn turns out to be a great time to think and ponder a fresh start to this Wednesdays in Marblehead project…

When I first started exploring my new home town through landscape photography, I did it for myself. It was a way to exercise the creative part of my brain and challenge myself to capture the beauty I found in the more scenic locations around town as well as the hidden ones. Along the way, I found great joy when my images resonated with others. That joy grew when I was able to put together a book of my favorite images through the support of a Kickstarter campaign and then sold through the first printing within one year.

That first book was a lot of work and I wasn’t ready to tackle the project again until I knew I had images that at least equaled the caliber of those in the first one. Five years after publishing the first book, I felt ready for another and was excited to launch a new Kickstarter campaign to raise the capital needed for a high quality offset printed book.

Since launching the Kickstarter campaign, I had been feeling mixed emotions – excitement for the book but also concern that I was adding one more big project to my already pretty full plate. As the Kickstarter progressed, the concerns began to overtake the initial excitement.

This morning I was at Crocker Park shooting dawn on freshly fallen snow and I realized I hadn’t been going out just for myself anymore. It was to have an image to share on the website or on Facebook, Instagram. With that realization, I decided to take a step back.

I am going to cancel the Kickstarter campaign and will sell the first Wednesdays in Marblehead book until it is gone (a little over 100 left in stock). During the next year (or two), I plan to refocus on what initially drove me to start this project – exploring the beauty of this seaside town. I will be sharing images less frequently and will be less active on social media so please don’t be upset if I don’t reply to comments there.

I will be at the Hooper Mansion this weekend for the Marblehead Christmas Walk so please come by and, if you want, grab a book, calendar or the new photo cuffs (those are limited to stock on hand as well).

Thank you again for your support over these past 9 years. I’m not done yet but it is time for a fresh start.


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