I hate to follow one sunset shot with another but these did end up being my two favorite images of 2019. Today’s shot was captured on September 4th as a storm passed over Marblehead and then the Neck. I had gone out to Crocker Park to chase the clouds and actually had been hoping for a rainbow. I remember waiting for the rain to pass under the covered benches near the seal sculpture and then, as the rain ceased, the sky took on an odd orange glow.

I couldn’t take in the full scene even with my widest lens and ended up taking this as a vertical panorama to capture the whole of the orange sky with great cloud structures. The fact that the light show was taking place over a full Marblehead harbor and with the Crocker Park float still in place was just icing on what would turn out to be my favorite image of 2019.

Tomorrow at 7:30am, I will debut the annual Year in Review slideshow with a look back at every image posted to Wednesdays in Marblehead in 2019. This will show up on my Facebook page and on YouTube (link – https://youtu.be/4qbK5USDrqk). I’ll try to post it to Instagram but that platform hasn’t been great for longer videos.

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