I lucked out with tonight’s outing to capture the snow moon rising when I contacted my book designer and was invited over to shoot from her husband’s third floor office window. Not only did I have a perfect vantage point, but I was able to escape the brutally cold wind that would have left me cold but also caused the camera and lens to move as well impacting the final image.

The timing of the full moonrise wasn’t ideal as the moon climbed above the horizon more than 30 minutes before sunset. As it happened, the moon had to rise over low lying clouds and, as it did, the last of the setting sun lit up Marblehead Light and a section of the Neck.  I played around with compositions using the full focal length of my lens from 100 to 400mm. This was my favorite shot of the night at 150mm that allowed me to include the grey clouds above contrasting with the brighter yellow-pinks below the moon.