A few days ago, I saw that a group of volunteers climbed Marblehead Light to adorn it with holiday lights a bit earlier than the usual Fourth of July weekend. The move was meant to offer a bit of light to those sheltering in place as we all wait for the coronavirus pandemic to pass.

With the lighthouse normally lit only twice a year, I’ve had few opportunities to capture a moonrise against the light of the moon and thus made a point of heading down to Front Street this evening to capture the view. Unfortunately, clouds blocked the moonrise for much of its travel. However as this supermoon rose higher in the night sky, the clouds thinned and what few that remained served to make the already large moon appear even bigger. I decided to use that illusion to my advantage and captured this shot encompassing the Neck and a perfectly lit lighthouse under the light of the Pink Moon.

Special thanks to Jack Attridge, Jim Nye, Ashley Nye, Ken and Joanne Steadman , Steve Barry and Kaelyn Attridge for putting up the lights early this year.