Finally some great light in Marblehead!!! I haven’t had a good outing in weeks and had been frustrated on more than one occasion including earlier today when I went out to Chandler Hovey Park hoping to capture an oncoming storm. As luck would have it, each storm banked north before reaching us and I went home but left my gear in the trunk of the car…just in case.

After dinner, I checked the radar and found one more storm had formed and was tracking toward us. I hopped in the car and decided to drive to Devereux Beach where I rechecked the radar and found the storm was heading north. I decided to wait a bit longer and then was rewarded by a light rain and a hint of a rainbow over Marblehead Neck and across the causeway.  The rainbow grew brighter and brighter and I captured several images only viewing it through my lens. When I turned my head to look at clouds over the ocean, I spotted the other half of the double rainbow and quickly adjusted my composition and settings.

This ended up as an 11-shot panorama captured vertically while standing on the causeway. I caught a break in traffic and managed to fill the whole of the nearly complete double rainbow in the final composition while also incorporating Marblehead harbor, the lighthouse, Neck and causeway with a sliver of the Atlantic Ocean as well.

I thought I was finished at that point but the sunset an hour later rivaled this image for its beauty. Lots more images to come…

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