It seems like forever since I was last out to shoot around Marblehead but, looking back, it had only been two weeks.  I had the day off and, once the rain cleared, found picture perfect conditions for a mid-day outing. I crossed the causeway and then stopped at the public ways and some other spots along the Neck to capture views of the harbor and boats under cumulous clouds.

Chandler Hovey Park was a mid-journey stop and I arrived to find myself one of only three people out enjoying the wind coming off the water. The views towards Abbot were nice enough but when I turned from near the edge of the dropoff near Cove Lane and the secret beach, I spotted this composition.

After ten years of shooting in Marblehead, I don’t think I’ve captured this composition previously. I knelt down a bit to get the distant scope in view (it can be seen in the opening of the covered structure) and included the three benches and three wind-blown trees in the background. The benches seem to beg the viewer to sit for a spell and enjoy one of the best spots in town to view our harbor.

I don’t know about you but after a stressful night of television and a fitful night of sleep, seeing and capturing this view offered me a literal breath of fresh air. I hope it does the same for you.