By the time I finally got this shot on Saturday, October 17th, I had driving along Beacon Street on three other occasions to scout out the current state of foliage on Brown’s Island. Each time, the color showed hints of progression but it wasn’t until after the rain storm passed that I finally got the peak foliage color I was looking for.

As luck would have it, the departing storm had broken up leaving a scattering of clouds in the blue sky overhead. The use of a polarizing filter helped accentuate the clouds as well as the color of the leaves while also deepening the blue color of the water.  A red skiff seemingly in need of some bailing added a needed element to the foreground.

It has been on odd and early foliage season in Marblehead with the lack of rain early on stressing the trees and leading to an early season but it looks like Brown’s Island held out until now to show its peak color.