This weekend, the Marblehead Festival of Arts had planned an Artisans Marketplace which unfortunately was cancelled due to weather. As part of that, they also commissioned a number of ice sculptures to adorn the upper grounds of Abbot Hall. On Sunday afternoon, I visited with my camera and found a beautiful menorah sculpture lined up in front of Abbot Hall.

The only hard part was that this sculpture was about 12 inches from the large flag pole and thus it was nearly impossible to get a proper composition. I ended up having to use my widest lens and held the camera against the pole while trying to see the back view screen to get everything lined up just right. Oh and this is all while clouds were rushing by going from the blue sky you see here to complete cloud cover.

In the end, I had one shot that was perfectly lined up with Abbot Hall and captured the feeling of the Festival of Lights which begins tonight at sundown.

Happy Hanukkah to all who celebrate!