Earlier today, the sky seemed promising for a nice sunset so I made sure to get my gear in the car and headed out a little before 4pm with Crocker Park as my planned destination. I drove down Darling Street then to Front and could not find anywhere to park along the way. I continued to the State Street Landing where parking was plentiful and pulled in just as Glover’s Regiment began marching towards me.

I hadn’t heard anything about an event but with, clouds thickening, quickly pivoted to this as plan B. I changed lenses and set up making sure to include the Christmas tree at the Landing as a nice backdrop for the salute that was to take place at sunset.

Just before the muskets were fired, I spoke to James Maroney of MHTV who informed me that this was an early commemoration of George Washington’s crossing of the Delaware (which take place on Christmas Eve). The earlier meeting was an attempt by Glover’s Regiment to keep history alive while limiting crowds and the potential for exacerbating the already high rate of case counts in our town.

The realization that Glover’s Regiment was continuing this tradition despite all the obstacles of 2020 and for the pure reason of keeping history alive was heartwarming and I lucked out with a few nice frames to capture this scene.