Glover’s regiment

Guardians of the Eastern

Not long after capturing Glover's Regiment on the stage at the State Street Landing, I watched them load up into this boat and reenact the crossing of the Delaware. I shot frame after frame as they crossed in front of Marblehead Light and then watched them pause in front of the Eastern Yacht Club. As I watched through the viewfinder, I spotted one member of the regiment approach the bow and captured this image as he fired a shot back toward shore. It looked as though Glover's Regiment were the guardians of the Eastern - ready to take on all [...]

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Framed by Smoke at the Landing

On Saturday, Glover's Regiment took part in the annual Christmas Walk and then arrived at the State Street Landing before 3pm to fire a salute and then re-enact the crossing of the Delaware River. I arrived a little before 3 and tried to find a new vantage point from which to shoot the regiment as it fired three volleys over the water. As luck would have it, the company leader (Seamus Daly) let me know they were going to head onto the stage and I quickly came up with this composition. My hope was to capture Glover's Regiment firing their [...]

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Fighting along Front Street

I received an email this morning from the Glover's Regiment physician (and fellow Georgetown Medicine alumni) reminding me that the Regiment will be having their annual encampment on July 7th. That immediately reminded me of a few images I captured of a battle being reenacted with fighting along Front Street. As was typical back in the day, these soldiers lined up to fire their rifles and I was able to line up my shot with the lighthouse situated just behind the smoke and fire.

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Lantern Walk at Old Town House

In early February, I was finally able to join the Glover's Regiment for their annual lantern walk to celebrate the life of their benefactor.  I shared a video of several images narrated by the captain Seamus Daly but held onto this vertical image to share on a later date. I had arrived at Old Town House as Glover's Regiment gathered and received instructions for the lantern walk. As I shot images of them gathered in front of the familiar yellow building, I spotted a hooded woman coming near. I quickly switched to a vertical orientation and captured this shot as [...]

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Three Volleys on Old Burial Hill

Last night, Glover's Regiment met in front of Old Town House before their annual memorial march to Old Burial Hill to commemorate the life of John Glover. I hadn't previously had the chance to join the Regiment on this march and was thrilled to take part this year under cool (but not miserable) conditions. There were two other photographers there shooting for the Reporter and Daily Item and the three of us tried to stay out of each other's shots as we walked ahead of the Regiment along Washington Street towards Glover's burial place. When we reached Old Burial Hill, [...]

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Marching to the Beat on State Street

Another incredible Marblehead Christmas Walk is in the books and, as has been the case for the past few years, I set up along State Street to capture Glover's Regiment leading the annual parade.  This year I decided to bring along a single 35mm lens and set it to its widest aperture in the hopes of focusing on just one part of the parade.  As luck would have it, the drummer was on my side of the street and I captured this image of him drumming while the rest of the regiment was marching to the beat on State Street.

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Marching in the Christmas Walk Parade

This weekend, the annual Marblehead Christmas Walk took place and, as an added bonus, my daughter was marching in the Christmas Walk parade for the first time.  I decided to set up along State Street hoping to capture images of Glover's Regiment and then her cheerleading group on this timeless street with the star hanging from a crane near the Landing.  I managed a few shots that I was happy with and then ran up State and across Washington Street to try one more shot of Glover's Regiment marching in front of Old Town House. As luck would have it, [...]

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Marblehead Christmas Walk

The Marblehead Christmas Walk is this weekend and I thought I would share this image of Glover's Regiment walking down State Street at the conclusion of the 2011 parade to spread the word.  If you are new in town or haven't participated in the Marblehead Christmas Walk festivities, make sure you head to historical downtown this weekend. This year marks the 46th version of the annual event sponsored by the business community.  Tonight, there will be a Tree Lighting at the National Grand Bank lot from 6-7pm as well as a lobster trap tree lighting in front of Mud Puddle [...]

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Marblehead School Year has Begun

I dropped off my son at the Marblehead Community Charter Public School this morning and was excited to capture the annual ceremony declaring that the Marblehead school year has begun.  I learned today that Glover's Regiment has been firing this salute to start the school year since 1995.  This year the location was moved closer to the school which made for a much better photo opportunity than last year in the field.

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Glover’s Regiment Starts the School Year with a Bang

This morning, the Marblehead Community Charter Public School will start the school year with a bang (or actually five) as the Glover's Regiment fires a five gun salute to open the academic calendar.  I first witnessed this Marblehead tradition last year as my son entered fourth grade.  I'll be returning this morning for the start of his fifth grade school year and this uniquely Marblehead way to start the school year.

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