I almost bailed on tonight’s full pink moon but, thanks to a friendly nudge from Mark Katz [markkatzphotography.com], I came away with a very unexpected final shot.

So today was very busy with spring in full gear and lots of patients to see in the office. I arrived home after 6 and ate with the family and had no intention of shooting the moonrise despite a nice invite from Mark to meet him at the Barnacle. For those who don’t follow him, Mark moved with his family to Marblehead in the past year (from Swampscott and New York before that). He has been posting some great shots around town and I definitely recommend clicking the link above and following his social media accounts.

Anyway, after dinner, I had a change of heart (a full belly will do that I guess) and drove out to Front Street to meet up with Mark. We had a minor argument about the location of the moonrise with dueling apps providing differing predictions. In the end, I won (and spotted the moon first) ;-)

We shot from then on and I started off with shots including Marblehead Light and the lone sailboat (Fast Company III). But then the sunlight hit this line of houses on the Neck and I decided to go for a tighter shot and ignore the lighthouse. It was really tough to exclude the lighthouse just to the right of the patch of Chandler Hovey Park that can be seen behind the sailboat but I really liked the very different image that came from this compositional choice.

I have the lighthouse in a different frame and will share that in the near future. For now, I hope you enjoy this view of tonight’s moonrise over the Neck.