Moonrise over the Neck

I almost bailed on tonight's full pink moon but, thanks to a friendly nudge from Mark Katz [], I came away with a very unexpected final shot. So today was very busy with spring in full gear and lots of patients to see in the office. I arrived home after 6 and ate with the family and had no intention of shooting the moonrise despite a nice invite from Mark to meet him at the Barnacle. For those who don't follow him, Mark moved with his family to Marblehead in the past year (from Swampscott and New York before that). [...]

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Crocker Park Sunset

I love this spot atop the granite hill at Crocker Park from which there is a perfect vantage point of Abbot Hall standing tall above the houses. I last visited this spot in late October and thought that, with Spring nearly here, it would make for a good image to start the week.

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Glowing on the Neck

I mentioned in Monday's post of the sun pillar that I had set out to shoot the sunset after a snowstorm on March 4th and gotten a few nice shots from my perch near the EYC pier. As the sun dipped lower in the sky and under a bank of high clouds, I spotted these houses glowing on the Neck.  I quickly moved my tripod over and capture the view of the stately homes on the Neck as well as the Corinthian Yacht Club and Marblehead light all glowing with fresh fallen snow serving to accentuate the colors.

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Abbot Hall towering over Front Street

After exploring the harbor, I turned around and flew across Crocker Park to Front Street and took in this view of Abbot Hall from 120 feet above the ground.  The sun was momentarily shaded by thin clouds and I took advantage of the softened sunset light to capture this image of Abbot Hall towering over Front Street with its historic homes having stood the test of time for hundreds of years. If you look to the left of Abbot Hall, you can clearly see the familiar silhouette of the Boston skyline.  One aspect of exploring these aerial views of Marblehead that [...]

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Lighting up Riverside Drive

It seemed only appropriate to begin 2017 with an aerial image as I expect to share many more views from above Marblehead in the year to come.  On Christmas Eve, I headed out shortly after sunset with a particular image in mind.  Since first seeing the holiday light display on Riverside Drive years ago, I sought out a way to do justice to the annual tradition embraced by the neighbors on this small street.  I had tried to shoot from street level but couldn't fully capture the display and, when I purchased my Phantom 4 Pro drone, knew I had [...]

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Top 10 of 2016 – #9 – Clear View Across the Harbor

Today's image was taken on March 18 and shot up to #9 on my Top 10 of 2016 list for its perfect sky and incredible clarity.  I went out on this evening chasing the textured sky and hoping for a strong sunset but was struck by the clarify of the houses lining Marblehead Harbor when viewed from across the water at the Pleon pier.

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Abbot and the Rooftops at Dawn

Today's image of Abbot and the rooftops was taken exactly one minute before yesterday's view of Grace Community Church.  I had been shooting from the back side of St. Michael's Steeple and kept alternating between wide and tighter views of Abbot Hall. As the sky reached its peak of pink color, I couldn't help but zoom out to capture the full extent of color in the morning sky as well as the rooftops interspersed with trees in this part of downtown Marblehead.

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Night on the Neck

Phew!  If you've been wondering why my posts tapered off and became non-existent in the past week, it was because I was studying during any free time I had for my Boards exam.  Every 10 years, physicians need to 'certify' (their words) that we are staying up to date on the practice of medicine by sitting for an examination.  In my case, the American Board of Allergy and Immunology put together 200 questions to be answered in a span of 4 hours covering the full breadth of what I do day in and day out.  I took the opportunity to listen [...]

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Harvest Moon Rises over Homes on the Neck

A full moon is due to rise tonight and that put me in mind of past moonrises that I had not yet shared.  Today's image comes from the Harvest Moon that rose over homes on Marblehead Neck on September 26, 2015. I had borrowed a friend's super telephoto lens and zoomed to its maximum of 400mm for this view of a seemingly huge Harvest moon.  You can just make out a seagull flying through the evening sky as the masts of boats moored in the harbor punctuate the scene.

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Patriotism on State Street

One hour after capturing yesterday's view of Riverhead Beach from the causeway, I found myself walking down State Street which was bordered on both sides by incredible cloud formations.  I started off near Maddie's shooting up toward Washington Street as the sun set and set the sky ablaze in color.  As the sunset settled, I moved up the street looking for other views. I had noted an American flag on display on a house across the street and was thrilled when I found this one near the top of State Street.  I set up this composition to include the two [...]

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