There’s nothing quite like catching that first rainbow of the season ;-)

I had already gone out once today but had come back without any photos to show for the quick drive. So I was laying on the couch after a nice meal from Howling Wolf and watching TV when I hear what sounded like rain. It took me a few seconds to realize the sound was coming from outside rather than the show and, as soon as my brain made that connection, little alarms went off in my head.

Anytime I spot a shower within an hour of sunset, I know my chances for spotting a rainbow are really good. I quickly grabbed my gear, hopped in the car and drove. As I headed down Humphrey then Smith and onto Atlantic, I kept looking every which way but couldn’t spot any rainbows. I decided to turn down Commercial Street to the float near Hammond Park and only when I crested the small hill did I spot the brilliant light.

I had lucked out with the rainbow appearing near the end of the causeway where it met the Neck. I jumped out and threw on a circular polarizer which can really help pull the colors out of the rainbow and make them pop. This was one of my first captures and ended up being my favorite with great clouds above, nice light on the houses along the Neck and a really nice first rainbow of the season.