Yesterday was an awful, terrible, gut punch of a day…

I shared a photo of the Marblehead varsity football game that I had shot on Friday night and left at 8am to shoot the JV game. I was excited to capture moments that these kids would hopefully take to heart and love the idea of finding those moments of camaraderie and greatness that seem to only come in the younger years.

But then, 10 minutes into the game, an awful leg injury occurred. I literally dropped my camera and headed to the fallen player to see if there was anything I could do to help. There wasn’t really other than witnessing this kid who must have been in immense pain converse, look towards his teammates and wait to be taken to the nearest ED. The kids played valiantly for the rest of the game but I think they had realized it was just a game and didn’t hold a candle to watching one of their teammates suffer.

As a parent, I felt that gut punch that every parent would feel when seeing a child hurt. I held that feeling all day but then the rain hit right as the sun was getting ready to set. And I got in my car and I drove around. And I ran up to the top of Crocker Park and I got one shot of a light after the storm. I had heard by email a little while before this that the boy’s injury might not have been as bad as I feared. That knowledge and the simple beauty of a rainbow over the harbor made that gut punch soften just a little bit.

I’m hoping for a speedy recovery and can’t wait to capture this kid running on Piper Field next season.