Despite living only a few blocks away from this spot, it had been a few years since I last captured the view of Ware Lane. A picture perfect canopy of trees erupts into beautiful colors each year and I have made it a habit of checking this spot on my walks with the dog every autumn.

So it was on Wednesday when we walked along Humphrey Street and passed Rose Avenue, I looked to my left and spotted this scene. It was cloudy when I first saw the canopy of foliage so I made it a point of heading back as soon as the sun broke through the clouds. I bent low to get the right angle and then waited for the wind to drop this one leaf in my narrow field of focus and lit up by the side light of the sun.

I may need to keep shooting this spot just to be able to use all the corny riffs¬† on Ware that I came up with before deciding to go with ‘Ware the Leaves Fall’ (last shot was ‘Ware in the World’)