Back to sharing images of Marblehead after last week’s talk of Kickstarter and the new 2023 Calendar. As a quick update, the Kickstarter seems to have plateaued. I think there are many reasons for that but will let the campaign run its course and see where it ends up. In FAR better news, I should get my calendar proof later today and will share it when it arrives. PreOrders are open on my website now at the price of $19.95 (scroll halfway down the homepage) and will be available directly on Facebook/Instagram when the calendars arrive but will be at the full price of 22.95.

Now on to today’s image. This was captured last week on August 15th when I headed out to chase some clouds. I drove across the Neck and turned onto Harbor Avenue only to pull over on Flint Street and circle back when I noticed the strongest color was over the causeway. I made my way onto this small beach and shot back towards town catching the light reflecting in the waters of this inner harbor sunset.