I had last gone out to capture images of Marblehead two weeks ago which seems to have become the norm for late winter/early-mid spring for me. The lack of foliage around town and the lack of boats in the harbor limits the compositional possibilities.

When I saw rain in the forecast for this weekend, I quickly checked a few apps including those predicting cloud cover and saw there was a pretty good chance for a solid dawn/sunrise on Saturday morning. I set my alarm for 5am and was out the door shortly thereafter.

As I drove to Crocker Park, I spotted the first hints of pink and purple in the morning sky and a smile crept onto my face. I arrived and set up at the top of the stairs leading to the float (not yet in place) and then made my way down and back up as the dawn exploded in color.

This image was from the start of the light show and captured from higher up to give a broad view of the harbor and a few sailboats at dawn with their masts breaking through the line of the horizon.