fire truck

The Fire Station

Ever since I first started this project, I had this image in mind.  Trouble was, I could never seem to get the right conditions for this shot.  Either the light was wrong or one of the trucks was out or the bay doors weren't all open.  On a particularly hot Summer day, I drove by and almost couldn't believe my luck.  I quickly parked and setup in front of the station.  The hardest part was waiting for a break in traffic (the passing cars were reflected in the shiny chrome) and standing there while an unbelievable number of cars pulled [...]

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Pull Handle

Another from Memorial park.  While yesterday's image was a grand view of the centerpiece of the park, today's concentrates on the details.  I saw this fire alarm as I left the park and was instantly intrigued by the texture of the paint and handle.  As I continue to explore the town, I'm going to make an effort to notice the details as well.  Hope you enjoy these closer looks at Marblehead. Technical: Canon 50D and EF-S 10-22 lens.  6 bracket exposure.

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Engine 2

The goal for this particular morning was to catch some of Earle's high surf.  Headed out at high tide but found the waves to be quite calm.  On the way home, I noticed that the light on our smaller engine house was just about perfect.  Knocked on the door and the firefighters were great about opening up the door and showing off their truck. Technical: Canon 50D with EF-S 17-55mm.  5 bracket HDR.

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