Memorial park

Leaves Turn at Memorial Park

On Sunday night, I headed out in search of foliage having realized that the recent cold snaps had made short work of this year's leaf peeping season in Marblehead.  I hit a few spots before turning onto Pleasant Street and noticing the way the setting sun was illuminating the top of the maple tree at Memorial Park. I quickly pulled over, ran out of the car with camera in hand, and captured a few frames before the sun dropped and the light disappeared.

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Glover’s Regiment Fires a Salute on Memorial Day

Memorial Day weekend has finally arrived and with it comes the promise of Summer with pools opening around town, boats heading to their moorings in Marblehead Harbor and the days getting longer and warmer. As part of the Memorial Day parade, the Glover's Regiment marches to Memorial park and fires a salute in memory of those whose sacrifices we remember on this day. This image was captured last year as the old muskets fired - in the case of a few rifles, you can see a significant flame erupt as well.

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Firing Muskets on Memorial Day

With Memorial Day upon us, I went back to the archive and pulled out this image taken last year.  Marblehead does an amazing job in remembering those who gave the ultimate sacrifice to this country.  With a muster at Old Town House at 8am, a parade that begins at 9am at Old Town House and winds down to Memorial park, and a series of speeches at the park, there is much to do on this day.  At the end of the speeches, Glover's Regiment is seen firing muskets to honor those lost in past conflicts.

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Falls Colors on Display at Memorial Park

These cool days (and my recent trip up to Vermont) have put me in the mood to chase foliage in town.  While I've only had a bit of success so far, I decided to dive into the archives and share some images from last year.  Yesterday, I showed the Gun House with a brilliant yellow tree in the background.  Today, we visit Memorial Park.  This maple tree was at peak color (and had already started to drop its leaves) when I visited on a late October day.  The light was harsh at 11:30am but the polarizer I used served to [...]

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Pull Handle

Another from Memorial park.  While yesterday's image was a grand view of the centerpiece of the park, today's concentrates on the details.  I saw this fire alarm as I left the park and was instantly intrigued by the texture of the paint and handle.  As I continue to explore the town, I'm going to make an effort to notice the details as well.  Hope you enjoy these closer looks at Marblehead. Technical: Canon 50D and EF-S 10-22 lens.  6 bracket exposure.

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