Gingerbread Lane

A Tree Lined Path in the Fog

On July 21, dense fog descended on Marblehead in what one local described as a Smokey Sou'Wester.  The fog was thick near the water but would clear quickly inland.  I had left my car on Beacon Street near Grace Oliver beach and walked with the camera and tripod around the bend toward Fountain Park. I passed this small road lined by trees and recalled shooting this scene in similar conditions years ago.  It was a foggy day but much later in the year with many of the trees bare and had chosen a horizontal orientation. On this day, I decided [...]

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Gingerbread Lane in the Fog

We've had a fair amount of fog in the past few months and I've been scouting out locations to capture while in the thick of it.  As I drove around one foggy morning, I noticed the rocky wall on Gingerbread lane.  The fog had started to lift and I quickly parked and set up to capture the moody atmosphere before me.  I really liked the green path in the middle of the road and the fallen leaves setting the scene.

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