Harvest Moonrise from Crocker Park

On Wednesday, September 30th, the day before it would be a truly full moon, I headed to Crocker Park hoping to capture the Harvest Moon. I had checked the location of the moonrise and found that the timing and weather conditions were far better for the day before it became officially full. With that in mind, I also thought I would revisit an old favorite composition I captured from this spot almost ten years prior. I arrived at Crocker Park and found several families there as well as a few dogs on leashes. As the sun set, I captured a [...]

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Corinthian Moonrise

On September 27, 2015, I headed to the end of Ferry Lane (right next to the State Street landing) to capture the moonrise. The full harvest moon rose over Marblehead Neck appearing as a Corinthian moonrise with the yacht club just under the glowing light. I had shared a close up of the moon originally and had left this wider view in my 'To be Published' folder where it waited to see the light of day.

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Harvest Moon under the Tree at Fort Sewall

In the past week, my wife and both kids have celebrated birthday - needless to say, I haven't had a chance to shoot lately and especially not the recent full moon.  Thankfully, I captured several images of the Harvest moon that rose on October 4th and haven't had a chance to share them yet. I had decided to capture the Harvest Moon from along Front Street.  I started off at Lovis Cove and then walked along Front Street toward Fort Sewall as the moon rose in the evening sky.  At this point I had stopped at Fort Beach to take [...]

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Moored by Moonlight under the Harvest Moon

Long after the Harvest Moon rose, I stayed along Front Street and watched the moonlight grow brighter and move directly over Marblehead Light.  The boats moored in the harbor were lined up perfectly from this spot and seemed to be bathed in golden moonlight emanating from the lighthouse itself as I chose to compose this image without the moon - focusing instead on its light reflected on the water. As a bonus, the green beacon shone from atop the lighthouse and a gentle breeze lifted the flag which also seemed to grab a bit of moonlight to shine in the [...]

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Expecting the Harvest Moon at Lovis Cove

I didn't have high hopes for tonight's Harvest Moon and am very glad that my expectations were proven very, very wrong.  I had scouted out the projected rise of the full moon and decided to shoot from Lovis Cove but had found little motivation as 5:30pm rolled around and I lay on our newly delivered (and far too comfortable couch).  With an effort of will, I gathered my bag, tripod and was out the door. I showed up 15 minutes early and set up near the Barnacle where I was surprised (and flattered) to meet three fans/followers in a span [...]

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Bertha under the Harvest Moon

My son and I went out to watch the Harvest Moon rise tonight over Marblehead.  I've shot the Harvest Moon several times and always favored a composition including the lighthouse.  Today, I decided to head down Beacon Street and shoot the full moon as it rose over Gerry Island, Childrens Island and boats moored in Little Harbor. Despite some haze at the horizon, the full Harvest Moon was a brilliant sight to behold.  I composed this image to include the working boat Bertha in the frame.  I've got a panorama of the full scene below.

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Harvest Moon Rises over Homes on the Neck

A full moon is due to rise tonight and that put me in mind of past moonrises that I had not yet shared.  Today's image comes from the Harvest Moon that rose over homes on Marblehead Neck on September 26, 2015. I had borrowed a friend's super telephoto lens and zoomed to its maximum of 400mm for this view of a seemingly huge Harvest moon.  You can just make out a seagull flying through the evening sky as the masts of boats moored in the harbor punctuate the scene.

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The Corinthian Moon

On Sunday evening, the Harvest moon was labeled as a supermoon due to its proximity to the Earth and everyone was abuzz about the total lunar eclipse that was to take place later that night.  I had gone out to shoot the Harvest moon rising over Marblehead Neck the night before but it came up a bit too early for a nice golden glow to reflect off its surface.  On Sunday, I knew I would go out later at night and had just put some chicken on the grill when I looked at the clear sky and made some quick [...]

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Harvest Moon and Marblehead Harbor

One more image from September 2013 to finish off this short week.  With the Jewish New Year upon us, I will be taking a break from the site for the next few days. I have shared a wider image (and the full story) of how I came to be on a rooftop while the Harvest moon rose over a full Marblehead Harbor.  You can read that story by clicking the image below.  As the moon rose, I tried a number of compositions and liked this zoomed in view a lot but held off sharing it at the time as it [...]

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The Harvest Moon rises over Marblehead Harbor

The Harvest Moon was due to rise tonight and I had been racking my head trying to decide on a new vantage point from which to capture the year's best full moon.  Last year, I had taken an image from Crocker Park and lucked out as the tree there had just started to change color owing to an early cold snap.  This year, I planned to include more of the harbor and figured on shooting from the State Street Landing. I circled twice to find parking and finally had to stop in the Crosby's lot (shhh...don't tell).  I then walked [...]

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