Veterans middle school

Summer is Over – Back to School

Today marks the first day of school and, with it, the unofficial end of summer. I shot this image of Veterans Middle School on a July day in 2013 and shared other compositions from this outing but never this one for some reason. I went back to it last night as my kids got ready for their first days of school (one at Vets) and realized the potential in the shot with a fresh set of eyes. With school officially in session, please take care as you drive through town (especially in the morning and early afternoon).

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Town Meeting and Origins of Democracy

Town Meeting took place at the Marblehead Veterans Middle School last night and I was reminded of the incredible power of democracy and the history of this town.  First came word that we were short of a quorum and then the reverse 911 call went out to draw attendance.  Once that was said and done, the process of putting all matters of town government before its citizens could begin. If you weren't able to make it last night, make sure you vote next Tuesday and make a point of attending at least one Town Meeting in Marblehead.

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Marblehead Veterans Middle School Under the Flag

In late July, I decided to head out and try to photograph the Marblehead Veterans Middle School.  I had previously scouted the area and thought I would try for a long exposure image.  While I had a few ideas in mind, none were panning out quite as I had hoped.  As I was ready to pack up and leave empty-handed, I noted the old lettering at the top of the building denoting this as the former Marblehead High School and the proximity of the American flag. I ended up on my back looking up at this scene as it was [...]

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