American flag

Flags on Washington Street

I went out last night in the hopes of capturing a nice sunset in historic downtown Marblehead. I drove down Washington Street and then turned around after Old North Church where I spotted this scene of flags on homes and businesses hanging in the pre-sunset light. I quickly set up this composition just down from the Harbor Light Inn and managed to get just enough of Abbot Hall to recognize it jutting up over the distant building. The sunset was fairly muted in the end but did help add a bit of light and interest to this view of Washington [...]

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Tied Up for the Fourth

On the Fourth of July, I set about shooting aerial images of various beaches in Marblehead as the hot, humid weather seemed to bring out the largest crowds I had witnessed in those spots. I had actually started my day scouting out shots from the ground and hit upon this scene in Little Harbor just after noon. I have seen Little Harbor fill with boats in the summer but never to this extent. I shot several frames including varying compositions but favored this one with the American flag flying from atop a crane while people walked between boats in the [...]

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Walking in Marblehead

On Thursday, August 3rd, I rushed back to Marblehead from my office to take part in my very first Marblehead Walking Tour with Bette Hunt.  Though I have lived in Marblehead since 2008 and have met Bette Hunt on a few occasions, the timing of her walking tours never quite matched up with my schedule.  As this was the last one of the Summer season, I made it a point to get there on time. We started in front of the Jeremiah Lee mansion and then walked as a group down Hooper Street, through Crocker Park and along Front Street. [...]

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Fishing off the Causeway

I think Summer officially peaked for me on Sunday, August 7th with this walk atop the causeway surrounded by scene after scene exemplifying the beauty of a Marblehead Summer.  Before capturing the closer view of a packed Devereux Beach, I happened upon a man standing more than waist deep in the Atlantic Ocean and fishing off the causeway. I watched him for a little while as I composed this image and waited for cars to pass by.  I didn't see him catch anything but he seemed quite content as the waves pushed and pulled at him.  I loved the proximity [...]

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Patriotism on State Street

One hour after capturing yesterday's view of Riverhead Beach from the causeway, I found myself walking down State Street which was bordered on both sides by incredible cloud formations.  I started off near Maddie's shooting up toward Washington Street as the sun set and set the sky ablaze in color.  As the sunset settled, I moved up the street looking for other views. I had noted an American flag on display on a house across the street and was thrilled when I found this one near the top of State Street.  I set up this composition to include the two [...]

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Marblehead Harbor is Open for the Season

After capturing images at Chandler Hovey Park, I drove across the causeway and then through town trying to find a spot from which I could capture the cumulous clouds over Marblehead harbor.  I made my way into historic downtown and then down State Street to the Landing. Once there, I headed down to one of the docks and began composing shots but wasn't thrilled with the results. I had seen the large Open sign and the American flag above it on the dock that serves as a gas station before but never tried to walk down to that spot.  With [...]

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Old Glory on Chandler Hovey Park

I shared an image yesterday of Marblehead Light reflecting in rainwater after a storm passed through Marblehead.  Having captured that image, I wandered around the puddle of water looking for other reflections when I spotted Old Glory at half mast and perfectly balanced with its reflection in the water. I again decided on a square crop to help the inherent symmetry of the image.  Thankfully, there was just enough wind to set the flag waving but not enough to disrupt the mirror like surface of the rainwater. I had never looked up the history of the term Old Glory before [...]

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Old Glory and the Corinthian

On the same night in which I captured an image of rocks along this section of Marblehead Neck abutting the harbor, I found a number of other interesting compositions.  This one was taken just a few minutes earlier when I made my way past a private pier and noticed Old Glory flying high overhead.  As I looked around for a composition, I found this spot where the Corinthian Yacht Club can be seen through the pylons of the pier and its flag can just be made out juxtaposed with Old Glory. The flying flag and warm light convey the heat [...]

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Marblehead Harbor Filled with Boats at Sunset

Is there a better site than Marblehead Harbor filled with boats?  While the harbor can be beautiful in the Winter as well, there really isn't any comparison to the view of boats taking up every last mooring.  And if you happen to catch a nice Summer sunset, then that scene is just about perfect. This image was taken in mid-August from Marblehead Neck looking back toward the harbor.  The temperature had been a very comfortable 72 degrees with light winds and I actually had to time this shot just right for the brief gusts that would bring the American flag [...]

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