American flag

Stars and Stripes on State Street

I headed out tonight to drop off my daughter at Crocker Park and was thankful I had thought to bring my camera (just in case). I took several photos of the sunset from Crocker before making my way to the car. Before I got in, I decided to glance up State Street and was thrilled to see #24 State with a huge American flag draped on its siding. The Stars and Stripes were perfectly lit by the lamp post and the hint of sunset color in the night sky made for a classic Fourth of July scene.

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Old Betsy on Front Street

I went to sleep Sunday night hoping the snow wouldn't build up much more and would continue to fall with first light so I would have a chance to capture some new scenes of downtown Marblehead. Sure enough, I awoke to find the snow falling and headed out the door. I came home with five favorites from the morning and now have at least one shot to represent January in next year's calendar. Normally when I come home from an outing like this, I'll share an image daily and link that to Facebook/Instagram. After a few days, some will end [...]

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Empty Harbor Dawn

Another image from my outing on the morning of April 16th and lucking out with some great dawn colors. I had shared a tighter shot focusing on Marblehead Light and Childrens Island but thought I would share this one today. I had zoomed out to include the stacked lobster traps as well as the American flag at the State Street Landing. The empty harbor filled with moorings seems to be awaiting the arrival of warmer days and boats to fill their spots. I imagine the next few days will see a lot of activity in Marblehead harbor as 70 degree [...]

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Old Glory over Little Harbor

I wasn't sure where to go on the Fourth of July...  I had a hunch that private fireworks would be fired off around town as the official show had been cancelled but no idea where. I was going to set up along the Neck and watch but then thought better of that and headed to Beacon Street and the Little Harbor Lobster Company. I hadn't shot the American flag hanging from the crane belonging to CW Hood Yachts on its own before. When I arrived the flag wasn't moving very much but, as sunset approached, the wind picked up and [...]

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Rainbow and Old Glory

Today we go back to the causeway and an incredible outing from two weeks ago when I came upon a huge rainbow crossing from Marblehead neck across the causeway and near the midpoint of Devereux Beach. I started off shooting a panorama of the full rainbow from the causeway before turning toward the bright spot over the Atlantic and then circling back as the light shifted. At this point, the left side of the rainbow had peaked in intensity and shifted in position so that, from the end of the causeway, I was able to line it up with the [...]

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Flying Colors in Harbor

On July 19th, we were invited aboard a friend's boat to circumnavigate Marblehead Harbor. I was like a kid in a candy store taking shot after shot from the vantage point along the water and between boats. We moved to quickly for me to spot the names of the various boats and it was only when I zoomed in on this one that I spotted the name of the boat with the flag flying - Flying Colors. With the composition of boats filling the empty parts of the sky and wispy clouds overhead due to the heat of the day, [...]

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Fueling Up at the Landing

A little bit before publishing my Wednesdays in Marblehead book, I had started a series entitled 'From the Water' with photos captured from aboard friends' boats. On Friday night, we were invited onto a couple's boat (thanks Mike and Polly!) for a sunset cruise around and inside Marblehead harbor. We lucked out with calm waters and some decent light and I was like a kid in a candy store as we turned the corner at Fort Sewall. I shot over a hundred images as we slowly made our way down one side of the harbor and then back up along [...]

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Stars and Stripes and Glover’s Regiment

The annual Marblehead Christmas Walk took place on December 1st and, with it, Glover's Regiment arrived to reenact the crossing of the Delaware by way of Marblehead Harbor. Before setting out, they took up position to address the gathered crowd and recount the history of General Glover. I had been set up at the benches behind them ready to capture the musket fire that would follow this speech. When I saw Glover's Regiment lined up under the stars and stripes (and the State Street Landing star as well), I couldn't pass up the shot. Black and white helped accentuate the [...]

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Flags on Washington Street

I went out last night in the hopes of capturing a nice sunset in historic downtown Marblehead. I drove down Washington Street and then turned around after Old North Church where I spotted this scene of flags on homes and businesses hanging in the pre-sunset light. I quickly set up this composition just down from the Harbor Light Inn and managed to get just enough of Abbot Hall to recognize it jutting up over the distant building. The sunset was fairly muted in the end but did help add a bit of light and interest to this view of Washington [...]

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