As I mentioned in Monday’s post, this week was going to feature a fair amount of fog.  This image came from the start of the night – I had just set up my tripod for the supermoon shot when the fog rolled in fast and thick.  I quickly changed lenses and took advantage of the setting light to shoot this magnificent tree looking lonely without a harbor to accompany it.

The beauty of fog is that it isolates a subject.  while normally this composition would include distant houses, rocks and a harbor filled with boats, here the tree stands alone.  The fog also served to diffuse the light and offer a great element of contrast to the tree and its branches.  The circling benches are familiar to anyone who has visited the Fort and thus serve to identify the location without the usual landmarks now hidden from view.

*Note: The ‘From the Rooftops’ series is on hiatus while I scope out new locations from which to shoot.  If you know of any upper level balconies, windows, terraces or roof decks, please let me know.