Sunset Benches at Crocker Park – Also, VOTE TODAY

When I chose Crocker Park for my spot to capture the great light formed by storms to the north and south of us, I kept in mind that the actual sunset to the west might put on a nice show as well. As such, I kept running back up from near the float to check on the cloud cover towards Abbot Hall.  While that area never 'popped', I spotted this arc of light behind the weathered benches at Crocker Park. I had never found a good composition for these benches before but here they seem to shine with the backlighting [...]

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November Sunset at Crocker Park

Last night, I watched the clouds take shape over Marblehead and decided to head out just before sunset to capture what promised to be a good show.  I had a tough time deciding on a destination and ended up at the Landing.  I shot from near the Harbormaster's station until the light began to fade over the harbor and looked over my shoulder only to find an explosion of color over Crocker Park. I ran up Mariner Lane, across Front Street and then behind the Herreschoff Castle to reach my favorite spot at Crocker Park.  I quickly set up the [...]

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Weathered by Time

I captured today's image at the end of June but have been staring at the color version of it for a while wondering why I hadn't bothered to share it.  Last week, as I converted another image to black and white, I decided to do the same with this image of a tree weathered by time and flanked by benches on Chandler Hovey Park.  The black and white served to accentuate the textures in the tree, bench and sky while helping with the too bright light of this pre-sunset image.

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A View of Sunset at Castle Rock

The final image from a 25 minute outing at Castle Rock is this one of the two benches that allow for prime seating and incredible views of the ocean from Marblehead Neck.  Most consider Castle Rock a perfect spot for watching the sunrise and these benches can't be beat for sitting down to enjoy a cup of coffee on a Summer morning. However, with clouds in the sky to reflect the colors of the setting sun, one can find an equally beautiful view of sunset at Castle Rock.  This image captures the full view of Castle Rock facing 180 degrees [...]

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Fall in Marblehead – The Pond off Whittier Road

When you think of perfect Fall scenes, a few elements come to mind - peak foliage on the trees, water to reflect those perfect Fall hues, blue skies with a hint of clouds, maybe a bench to sit on and take in the view....oh and a fountain...definitely a fountain! I tried to capture an image of this pond last year but missed the peak Fall colors that year and ended up with a drab scene lacking most of the above elements.  On this particular morning (Wednesday, October 23rd), I arrived here at 11am after capturing the colors at Tedesco Country [...]

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The Bench Under the Cherry Tree at Harris Street Cemetery

So this is the image I really wanted to capture when I came back to the Harris Street Cemetery on Sunday at sunrise.  I had photographed the cemetery and its three beautiful cherry trees at peak bloom the day before but the light was coming from the opposite direction.  That made this angle tough to capture as the interior cherry blossoms were in the shadows and the light was just all wrong. I woke at 6am having checked the forecast and noting clear blue skies were expected.  That gave me an extra hour of sleep as there was no point [...]

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Day 3 – A Long Exposure Sunset After the Storm

Continuing with this week's theme of showing images from each of the 5 days of our recent Spring storm, here is the one from Friday, March 8th.  If you haven't blocked out all memories of this storm, Friday was a whopper.  We started the day with about 8 inches of snow on the ground.  What was supposed to let up by noon ended up adding another 8 inches throughout the day.  School was cancelled and roads were a mess. I was at work but got out a bit early and had the forethought to bring my camera gear with me. [...]

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The Lone Tree at Fort Sewall

As I mentioned in Monday's post, this week was going to feature a fair amount of fog.  This image came from the start of the night - I had just set up my tripod for the supermoon shot when the fog rolled in fast and thick.  I quickly changed lenses and took advantage of the setting light to shoot this magnificent tree looking lonely without a harbor to accompany it. The beauty of fog is that it isolates a subject.  while normally this composition would include distant houses, rocks and a harbor filled with boats, here the tree stands alone. [...]

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