The Golden Chestnut Tree

Today's image comes from a June sunset with another shot from this set now featured in the 2023 Marblehead Calendar (available for Pre-Order now at After capturing that wider angle, I moved to get this tighter shot setting the chestnut tree in full bloom against Abbot Hall in the background with golden light filling the sky and the blossoms.

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Step to the Rainbow

We have had a few storms pass through Marblehead thus far but none have been times right for me to capture a proper rainbow. With that in mind, I turned to my 'to be published' folder and found this image capture in August 2020 after a storm passed through just before sunset. I had shared the horizontal or landscape version of this shot that night but left this vertical one for a bit. I realized it needed a tighter crop than what I had originally envisioned and that brought the scene together nicely.

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Yellow Orange Glow

And here is the image captured on Saturday, June 4th exactly 15 minutes before yesterday's shot of pink clouds behind Abbot. This was the view as the yellow orange glow of sunset with an oncoming thunderstorm reached near peak (peak was 2 minutes later in that wide shot I shared earlier in the week). The composition here is nearly identical to that captured a short time later and was unintentionally so. This one was carefully composed and shot on a tripod while the other was shot handheld as I literally ran to this spot before the pink clouds shifted away [...]

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Pink Clouds over Abbot Hall

On Saturday, after heading down the walkway to the float to capture purple rain over the harbor, I made my way back up in under two minutes to capture the pink clouds over Abbot Hall. The departing storm was reflecting the colors of the setting sun and the arc of clouds created an interesting dramatic look to the early June sky. This is a nearly identical composition to one I'll share tomorrow captured 15 minutes earlier when the sky was still exploring in that yellow orange glow. I'm curious which you will prefer.

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From Atop Fort Sewall

On May 15th, I headed out to Fort Sewall to capture the full moon rising. As I waited, I kept looking back towards Fort Beach and snuck over a little before 7 as a lackluster sunset began to take shape. This shot was taken just to the left of the plaque and without stepping on the grass being made ready for the Fort's grand reveal in a few short weeks. I hadn't shot from this spot in some time and forgot how nice this view is looking down at houses along Front Street and finding Abbot Hall in the distance. [...]

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Crocker in the Springtime

One final shot from my outing on Wednesday, April 27th. I had set up at the pier off Foster Street and captured closer shots of Abbot Hall with a lone sailboat moored in mid-harbor and then pivoted to capture the EYC launch boats. The last composition I wanted to capture was the wider view as the sunlight was helping to bring out the greens in Crocker Park sandwiched between Abbot and the State Street Landing. The contrast of light on Crocker and the darker clouds above with a bit of glow to the harbor water made for one last keeper [...]

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Morning Light

This image was captured 20 minutes after Monday's wider shot. The dawn colors had disappeared as clouds thickened but then a band of orange light formed behind Chandler Hovey Park. I had two cameras at the ready and swapped the one with a wider lens to this one with my longest zoom. I extended the zoom almost to its limit to keep focus on the park and lighthouse with the small band of great light forming a backdrop.

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Leading Lines at the Fort

After capturing the view from atop Fort Sewall, I made my way down the stairs and stopped short when I noticed the s-curve of the fence. I decided to use the curve as a leading line which would draw the viewer into the image taking in the new trees planted as part of the renovation before heading off to the distance with boats on their moorings and sunset light in the evening sky.

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The Chestnut Tree at Crocker Park

I first saw the chestnut tree at Crocker Park in full bloom in 2016 and have tried to revisit each May to photograph the flowers on the tree as they serve to perfectly frame the view of Abbot Hall from this spot. On May 22nd, I visited Crocker Park hoping for a great sunset but the clouds didn't quite break as I expected and I was left looking for alternative shots. As luck would have it, the chestnut tree was in bloom and took up much of the frame in this composition to offset the muted sunset. I have a [...]

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Sunset Benches at Crocker Park – Also, VOTE TODAY

When I chose Crocker Park for my spot to capture the great light formed by storms to the north and south of us, I kept in mind that the actual sunset to the west might put on a nice show as well. As such, I kept running back up from near the float to check on the cloud cover towards Abbot Hall.  While that area never 'popped', I spotted this arc of light behind the weathered benches at Crocker Park. I had never found a good composition for these benches before but here they seem to shine with the backlighting [...]

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