Hope you aren’t tired of the bright colors of Fall yet.  This year’s foliage seemed to take forever to get going and then was hampered by rain and wind before finally ending with Superstorm Sandy.  In the midst of that, I tried to capture the color that appeared for the shortest of times in town.  On this particular day in mid-October, I was due to drive up to Portsmouth for a conference.  When I saw the fog roll in that morning, I just knew that I would have to add a few stops to the drive.  One of the first was at Waterside Cemetery where I had been the day prior to shoot.

The fog in the air gave this shot a moodiness that had been lacking previously.  I decided to focus tightly on a nearby gravestone and use the leaves as a beautiful blurred backdrop to the scene.  Just 10 minutes later and on my way out of town, I shot one of my favorites of the season that I posted last week – this shot taken at Seaside Park.