Aglow at Old Burial Hill

I spent a rainy Sunday looking through my oldest images in my To Be Published folder and decided to share some from 2011 to 2013 this week.  This image was captured on July 21, 2104 when I headed to Old Burial Hill as fog rolled into Marblehead and the sun descended in the sky. The backlit fog set Old Burial Hill aglow in beautiful light.

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Fog and Shadows at Old Burial Hill

Back to the days of fog in mid-July for this image of Old Burial Hill.  I had started photographing scenes of dense fog resulting from a Smoky Sou'Wester on Beacon Street at Grace Oliver beach and then walked from there until I ended up at Old Burial Hill and, later, Redd's Pond. As I made my way around gravestones in the old cemetery, I noticed the way the light broke through the trees with the fog accentuating the contrast of light and shadows.  I stopped at this point and switched to a vertical orientation to capture the fog and shadows at [...]

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Three Cherry Blossoms in Marblehead

Yesterday, I shared an image of the far right cherry blossom in full bloom at Harris Street cemetery and mentioned that this is my favorite crop of cherry blossoms in Marblehead.  After capturing that image, I sought out some new compositions that I had not captured the previous year.  This panorama is the result of five images taken in vertical orientation and stitched together.  The final image offers a wonderful perspective on the cherry blossoms and their location in the cemetery as well as offering unrivaled resolution. I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful sky to highlight the beauty [...]

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The Bench under the Cherry Blossoms at Harris Street Cemetery

Last year, I discovered the three cherry blossom trees at the Harris Street cemetery and happened upon them at peak bloom.  The conditions had been perfect that year and I would end up spending three days capturing the beautiful trees in the early morning and late evening hours. I had mentioned then that cherry blossoms and forever linked to thoughts of Spring from having lived in Washington, DC for several years.  And so, after the incredibly long Winter we just had, I was looking forward to the display of pink flowers at Harris Street cemetery more than ever this year. [...]

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Foliage in the Fog at Waterside Cemetery

Last night I had a bit of writer's block (or whatever the equivalent is called).  I sat in front of my computer scrolling through the 383 images of Marblehead that are in my 'to be posted' folder and just could not decide on a theme, let alone an image.  I put the question up on my FB page and the first five responses were for: sun, fog, foliage, ocean, architectural detail.  Given the time of year, I opted to go with foliage and found this image with some fog and (it's a stretch) architectural detail in the form of the [...]

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Peak Fall Colors at Green Street Cemetery

There is a great maple tree at the corner of Elm and Creesy Streets which I photographed last year and shared at Halloween.  As I drove around town this weekend looking for early signs of Fall, I spotted this tree at peak Fall colors and decided to look for a new composition.  Rather than including the gravestone I had previously focused on, I chose this one that reads Benj. Lindsey.  There are other names as well - Hannah and Nathaniel.  I was unable to find much information about the individuals buried here and will see if anyone can add to [...]

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A Perfect Spring Day in Marblehead

I mentioned on Friday that the two flowers I strive to photograph each year are sunflowers and cherry blossoms.  Since living in Washington, DC and being spoiled by the view of cherry blossoms lining the tidal basin there, these flowers have become synonymous with the start of Spring. This year, I happened upon the most incredible display of cherry blossoms since moving to Marblehead five years ago.  I discovered this crop of trees in the midst of the Harris Street Cemetery one day and ended up coming back to shoot for three days in a row in early morning and, [...]

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Foggy Morning at Star of the Sea Cemetery

Last week, I shared another black and white image taken at Star of the Sea cemetery on this foggy morning in late May.  I mentioned then that the trees are what drew my eye and, in this image, I decided to use the dirt road to bring the viewer's eye directly to the trunk of the great tree and then beyond it to the bend and fog beyond.  Again the decision to process this in black and white was an easy one given the textures of the tree and gravestones.

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