Waterside Cemetery

Spring in Marblehead – Waterside Cemetery

I hadn't been out shooting for a couple of weeks but I have been scouting locations and finding some of my favorites, like the Harris Street cemetery, to have a lackluster showing this spring. As I drove down West Shore Drive the other day and looked to my left, I spotted a tree in full spring blossom just past the entrance to the Waterside Cemetery and decided I had to capture that scene in better light. Finally, on this Wednesday in Marblehead, the sun and clouds cooperated for this scene which may be my one and only shot of spring [...]

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Top 10 of 2018 – #6 Waterside Foliage

My sixth favorite image of 2018 is also the one taken most recently. On October 17th, I visited Waterside Cemetery and found this tree at peak foliage. I decided to capture a shot of it backlit by the morning sun and, by decreasing the aperture to f/22, was able to create a sunstar effect from the sun poking through the leaves. For this year's very short foliage season and the backlighting of this tree at peak foliage, this is my sixth favorite shot of 2018.

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A Gnome in Marblehead

On Wednesday, I visited Waterside Cemetery to capture a tree displaying peak foliage. As I explored various angles and compositions, I happened upon a gnome in Marblehead. The little statue was standing among fallen leaves and seemed to have been there for years as he had developed a large vertical crack at one point. I was so enamored with this Marblehead gnome that I shot him twice that day and with different lenses. I couldn't decide which I liked better so here are both images of the gnome I found on a Wednesday in Marblehead. [...]

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Waterside Foliage

It's been a while since I actually went out on a Wednesday in Marblehead to capture images around town. The name of the site got its name from my day off of my 'real' job but I tended to shoot whenever the light was good and it worked out between the home and work schedule.  Yesterday, I dropped the kids off at their respective schools and headed out to Waterside Cemetery where I had scouted a tree nearing peak foliage a few days previously. I found the tree to have reached its peak color with very little in the way [...]

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Granite and Foliage at Waterside

As the calendar turns to October, I've started to look for signs of foliage around town.  The maple at Gatchell has long since turned and started to lose its leaves while the one at Seaside Park has a dull burnt look so far this year.  I found this brilliant display of foliage from Waterside Cemetery taking in mid-October 2012 and thought I would share it today. Have you found any good displays of foliage around town yet? Please let me know where in a comment below.  Thanks!

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Peak Foliage at Waterside Cemetery

This year's drought and weather meant poor conditions for catching peak foliage in Marblehead.  As it turned out, October 2012 offered ample opportunities to capture trees in their full Autumn brilliance - and especially so at Waterside Cemetery. This shot of a maple tree displaying peak foliage at Waterside Cemetery was captured on a picture perfect mid-October day.  I decided to include the rock wall as a frame for the image to counter the sky and tree (as well as hide other elements to the right of the image).

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Foliage in the Fog at Waterside Cemetery

Last night I had a bit of writer's block (or whatever the equivalent is called).  I sat in front of my computer scrolling through the 383 images of Marblehead that are in my 'to be posted' folder and just could not decide on a theme, let alone an image.  I put the question up on my FB page and the first five responses were for: sun, fog, foliage, ocean, architectural detail.  Given the time of year, I opted to go with foliage and found this image with some fog and (it's a stretch) architectural detail in the form of the [...]

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Peak Foliage at Waterside Cemetery

Hope you aren't tired of the bright colors of Fall yet.  This year's foliage seemed to take forever to get going and then was hampered by rain and wind before finally ending with Superstorm Sandy.  In the midst of that, I tried to capture the color that appeared for the shortest of times in town.  On this particular day in mid-October, I was due to drive up to Portsmouth for a conference.  When I saw the fog roll in that morning, I just knew that I would have to add a few stops to the drive.  One of the first [...]

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Eternal Flame at Waterside Cemetery

This is a photo I took last year while exploring Waterside Cemetery on Memorial Day.  I posted two other images from that day last year but revisited the archive and found this image of the eternal flame.  I hadn't shot flames in daylight before and found that it took a lot of trial and error to get the flame 'just right'.  If you look at this image in large size, you'll notice one hint of flame that escaped from the larger fire emanating from the torch in the remembrance pool.

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Waterside Painted in Red

Fall is finally showing its true color in Marblehead and I have been fortunate to catch a few areas at their peak.  On Saturday, I was driving down West Shore when I saw this brilliant tree in Waterside Cemetery.  I quickly turned around and grabbed my camera for a few shots.  The trouble was that many of the trees in the background had already lost their leaves so the lone tree looked a bit depressing rather than vibrant.  I chose to process this photo using the Orton effect (which I also used on the Welcome to Marblehead sign a while [...]

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