The Top 12 of 2012

It’s been quite a year on Wednesdays in Marblehead.  I have shared 263 images in the past year – 50 more than I did in 2011 – hopefully the added images haven’t been too much.   When it came time to choose the top 12 images of 2012, I had a hard time getting past a final selection of 42 images.  I turned to my Facebook page and the fans there answered the call and got us to these 12 images that best represent the past year.  I hope you like the final selection.  Make sure you come back on New Years Day to check out a slideshow including every single image shared on the site in the past year…all 263 of them.

Most visited pages in 2012:

  1. Hurricane Sandy Hits Marblehead
  2. Keep it Local – Grown Ups
  3. Remembering Allie
  4. The Supermoon Rises over Marblehead’s Lighthouse
  5. The Supermoon Sets over Abbot Hall
  6. Flores Mantilla
  7. Sea Smoke Envelopes Marblehead Light
  8. Fireworks from Crocker Park
  9. From the Rooftops – Washington Street and the Lighthouse
  10. A foggy night on the causeway
  11. Marblehead Magicians beat Swampscott in the Annual Thanksgiving game
  12. Fireworks over the Harbor