Best of Show – Marblehead Festival of Arts 2012

Every once in a while, an opportunity comes along that reignites my creativity and makes me incredibly grateful for having started this photographic project…last night was just such a night.  The weather called for gathering clouds at sunset so I had scratched a planned photoshoot off the night’s plans.  When I went out at 4 however, the air felt very humid and I wondered if we might be treated to a foggy night.  I grabbed my camera and tripod and drove down to the causeway to get a better view of conditions and see if a shoot might materialize.

I found myself surrounded by thickening fog and a grin started spreading on my face.  I had a shot in mind for some time that only would work in thick fog but I had to wait for the causeway’s lamp posts to light first.  I drove up to Chandler Hovey and then explored Devereaux as the sun set and found some nice shots and colors at both spots.

When the lights on the causeway turned on, I went to work.  I tried a number of compositions but this was the one I had envisioned.  The fog brought out the arc of light from the lamps and, as I stood there waiting for cars to pass, a group of pedestrians made their way towards me.  One was on the top of the causeway and, just as I was about to click the shutter, a cars headlights produced a brilliant glow to backlight them.  I knew I had to convert this to a black and white so that the shot stood without distraction.

It is incredibly gratifying to realize a shot even better than I could have imagined it.

Note: I will be taking part in the Annual Christmas Walk by selling my calendars at The Bus Stop on Saturday, December 3rd from 1-4pm.  Please stop by – I would love to meet you in person.