I had never captured (let alone seen) sea smoke before this morning.

When I saw the temp was supposed to be near zero on Sunday with negative wind chills in the morning, I decided to try my hand at capturing this phenomenon. I woke at 6, dressed in a million layers and grabbed some coffee on the way to the harbor. There I found my vantage point at Lovis Cove and setup.

I started shooting before the sun came up and liked what I was getting. There was a thick low lying cloud cover and the sun took a while to come up behind it. When it did, it produced these beautiful touches of light on the smoke and water. I grabbed three frames before the sun overwhelmed the scene and this was my favorite of the three.

First announcement: Marblehead Arts Association Show!
I have been offered a show at the Marblehead Arts Association.  The opening reception will be on Sunday, March 11th.  I will be featuring photos from my Rooftop series, a few from the Fourth of July and some work you haven’t seen yet!  I hadn’t planned on ordering any more prints for the show but I may just have to find space for this one.  Can’t wait to see it printed…