The Long Night Moon rose on December 28th and I made a bee line for Mooring Road to try to capture it.  I had planned this out the day before and scouted out various locations from which the moon was expected to rise.  This was the only time of the year when the moon rise would put it in close proximity to one of my favorite piers in town and I decided to head to Mooring road.  The issues were that I was working that day and the moon was due to rise about 30 minutes after sunset.  I managed to keep up with notes throughout the day and got out of work on time but it was the second issue that proved more problematic.

As the sun set, I lost any light I could count on to balance the foreground with the very bright moon.  I shot frame after frame trying to get something useable and finally decided to go at it in a different direction.  This was a 20 second exposure.  I metered for the pier and allowed the light of the moon to become as bright as the sun.  As a result, I got some great light on the pier from the lights along the road and a great reflection in the stilled water from the moon.  Just goes to show that even with the best laid plans, some last minute adjustments usually have to be made.