Crescent Moon at Dawn

One of the more incredible dawns I have experienced took shape over Marblehead on Thursday, January 19 and I finally was able to get the 150 captures down to 7 keepers to process and share. As I did before, I'm going to share them as a group on social media and daily on my website. now the real dilemma - is January best represented by snow or one of these captures with unbelievable light??? A bit of backstory, I received an email a few months ago inviting me to shoot from the highest spot at Peach's Point. I was thrilled [...]

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By the Light of the Moon

Last one from the night of November 5th and a different type of image than what I normally share. As I walked along the causeway exploring the best angle to capture sunset over the harbor, I spotted the moon and quickly realized I could probably line it up with one of the lamp posts.  I walked to a spot where I could get the moon 'just right' and took two quick shots - first focusing on the lamp post and then the moon. It's impossible to get a single shot like this in focus for both objects given the incredible [...]

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Top 10 of 2019 – #8 – Hunting the Moon in Marblehead

On October 13th, I went out to capture the Hunters moon rising over the neck and was initially upset with the cloud cover that prevented my capturing any detail in the moon.  As soon as the moon rose over the Corinthian, I noticed how nicely the path of light mirrored Marblehead Light's green beacon reflected in the harbor and captured this image. For making the best of a situation and for a nearly full and calm harbor on this mid-October evening, 'Hunting the Moon in Marblehead' is my eighth favorite image of 2019.

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Moon over Crocker

Last night, a deluge of rain poured down on Marblehead beginning at around 6pm. I was watching the radar as it looked like the rain might clear right at sunset and provide perfect conditions for a rainbow. Sure enough, the rain tapered down just before 7 (sunset is at 7:20pm right now) and I drove off to a spot along the harbor. I ended up at the end of Ferry Lane and sat in my car as the last drops fell and saw the sky brighten up only to then hear the sunset cannons fire telling me that the clearing [...]

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Heading into Harbor by Moonlight

On a mid-July evening, a friend and I took his boat out for an evening tour of Marblehead.  As the last light of day was captured by overhead clouds, we passed Marblehead Light heading into harbor.  A half moon sat high in the evening sky and I quickly composed this image of our lighthouse, houses on the Neck and the Corinthian Yacht Club under the light of that moon as day turned to night.

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Top 10 of 2015 – Lunar Eclipse and Abbot Hall

One of my favorite aspects of creating a Top 10 list each year is going through the 240+ images shared in a given year and appreciating the unique opportunities I've had the fortune to capture.  Just as yesterday's image of fireworks could easily have been a #1 favorite in any other year, it's hard to believe this image of a total lunar eclipse (or blood moon) juxtaposed against Abbot Hall isn't in the top spot. This was easily the most difficult capture of the year and required pre-planning and rapid alterations to those plans when the reality of shooting this [...]

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Life is Good – the Beaver Moon rises over Marblehead

It's been 25 days since I last took a picture of Marblehead and, in the past few days, I've started to feel the need to get out and capture a view of this town.  As I mentioned in this morning's post of last month's Hunter's moon, conditions seemed good for viewing tonight's full Beaver moon rising over Marblehead and I decided to take full advantage of that. I  headed out a little before 4 and had scouted out the moonrise to determine where I might have the best vantage point.  The perfect location was just down the road from the [...]

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Hunter’s Moon over the Causeway

I mentioned in yesterday's post that I hadn't captured any images of Fall foliage in Marblehead this year.  As I wrote that post, I was also scouting the full Hunter's moon expected location and had an image in mind that I hoped to capture. I finished up my last note at work at 5:15pm and drove straight to Devereux Beach and the causeway.  I had packed my camera and tripod that morning in case I was able to make it out on time for the 5:30pm moonrise and 5:45pm sunset.  I arrived at the Devereux parking lot at a little [...]

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Catching the Moon Rise at Bass Rock Lane

On Tuesday, June 30th, my daughter was attending a cooking class at Shubies that was due to end at 7pm.  Realizing that pickup would tie in closely to sunset, I grabbed my camera and two old ones for the kids and went out with my son to pick her up.  We grabbed some ice cream at Terry's next door and I tried to figure out the best spot to take them.  The sunset didn't hold much promise and so we drove home.  Along the way, I spotted the moon rising over the water and decided on a last minute detour [...]

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Jophiel Asking for a Blessing – A Sculpture in Snow

There's no question that this Winter has been an incredible and soon an historic one with record amounts of snow and long durations of freezing temperatures.  I've tried to capture some of the beauty that comes with the cold and snow and, when I first learned that a local artist had produced a sculpture in snow of an angel, I hurried to photograph it.  Unfortunately I was too late (mother nature had destroyed her) but, for good or bad, more snow and continued cold meant that Jonathan Sherman had an opportunity to work on an even bigger piece. Starting with [...]

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