Mooring Road

The Long Night Moon Rises over the Pier on Mooring Road

The Long Night Moon rose on December 28th and I made a bee line for Mooring Road to try to capture it.  I had planned this out the day before and scouted out various locations from which the moon was expected to rise.  This was the only time of the year when the moon rise would put it in close proximity to one of my favorite piers in town and I decided to head to Mooring road.  The issues were that I was working that day and the moon was due to rise about 30 minutes after sunset.  I managed [...]

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The Pier at Mooring Road

Ever since we moved to Marblehead, I've wanted to find piers to photograph.  Unfortunately, all of them seemed to be private and inaccessible.  Last week, I drove down Bradley Road to explore that part of town and, on a whim, made a turn down Mooring Road and found this great pier.  The seas were rough and I had arrived near high tide - couldn't ask for a better sky though.  The shots of crashing waves weren't quite what I had in mind so I put on a filter to cut down the light and allow for longer exposures.  The waves [...]

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