Fire in the Sky – Heat Wave is Coming

I had missed out on a surprisingly vibrant sunset on Wednesday night and made up for it with tonight's fire in the sky that erupted over the Village street pier. We had been out on a friend's new boat for a tour around the harbor and just returned when I spotted the makings of a nice sunset. At exactly the same moment, my son asked for a ride home so he could meet up with friends. I had my camera with me for shooting the harbor and drove back with an eye to the sky the entire time. As we [...]

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Spring Sunsets in Marblehead

There's just something about the light in April that makes for incredible colors at dawn (as in yesterday's post from Sunday morning) and gorgeous spring sunsets (as in this shot from Saturday night).  I had gone out at 6pm after a warm spring day as the clouds promised a decent chance for a solid sunset.  As I headed across the causeway, I glanced in my rearview mirror and continued to look back toward the town as I drove up Foster Street.  When I reached the public way at Parker Lane, I knew I had the perfect spot and pulled over. [...]

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Sun Pillar over Marblehead Harbor

In over ten years of living in and photographing the town of Marblehead, I had never before captured a sun pillar. When I was out on March 4th to shoot the sunset after a snowfall, I thought I had scored with images of Abbot and Crocker Park as well as another of the Neck (I'll share that one on Wednesday).  In fact, the way the clouds were breaking, I was about ready to pack up my gear until I spotted the vertical shaft of light forming a sun pillar. I had to look up the phenomenon and realized why I [...]

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Pancake Ice at Stramski Beach

On Tuesday night I decided to head out to Stramski Beach before sunset hoping to capture images of a frozen Salem harbor only to find picture perfect pancake ice all around me. I spent an hour exploring compositions including the Stramski pier and close ups of the ice.  As the sun set and the temperature dipped to single digits, the sky lit up with a beautiful and incredibly long sunset. I shot frame after frame but was immediately drawn to this one with the pier and bare trees framing the scene and the pancake ice reflecting the colors of sunset. [...]

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Piers of Gold in Marblehead Harbor

I apologize if the Sting song 'Fields of Gold' becomes stuck in your head when reading this image title but Piers of Gold just fit too well to pass up.  This is the third image shared so far from last Thursday's flight over Marblehead Harbor.  As the sun dipped lower toward the horizon, the golden hour washed Marblehead Neck in perfect light.  I maneuvered the Phantom 4 Pro over these two docks and composed the image to include the Neck circling toward the Corinthian and Marblehead Light beyond while including the boats in the harbor reflecting the light of sunset.

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Framed by the Pier House

This weekend, frostbite sailing took place in Marblehead harbor under Spring-like conditions and I couldn't pass up the chance to capture images of the sailboats maneuvering inside of the harbor.  In between closeups of the boats against familiar backdrops and shots taken by drone, I spotted sailboats passing through the open door of the Eastern Yacht Club pier house. I quickly recomposed my shot to include the whole of the EYC pier house just as a sailboat passed through the door opening.  The sun poked out from behind the clouds for a brief moment to add a warm glow to [...]

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Brilliant Sunset on an Empty Harbor

I mentioned in yesterday's post that I had left the house on February 18th with the hopes of catching a solid sunset.  As you can see, this brilliant sunset far exceeded my expectations.  There's something different about the Winter sun and its accompanying sunsets that makes for these intense pinks when the clouds break just right. As luck would have it, I had positioned myself at Corinthian Lane and was able to capture this brilliant sunset reflecting on an empty Marblehead harbor with a private pier breaking up the foreground and Marblehead's skyline positioned in the lower third of the frame. [...]

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The Pier at Parker Lane

So this image was taken 6 minutes before yesterday's of a harbor filled with boats.  As I mentioned yesterday, I had gone out to Parker Lane (one of the public ways) to shoot the Summer sunset and found some dramatic light before me. Prior to shooting the peak of sunset's color, I composed this image of a private pier under beautiful clouds.

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Old Glory and the Corinthian

On the same night in which I captured an image of rocks along this section of Marblehead Neck abutting the harbor, I found a number of other interesting compositions.  This one was taken just a few minutes earlier when I made my way past a private pier and noticed Old Glory flying high overhead.  As I looked around for a composition, I found this spot where the Corinthian Yacht Club can be seen through the pylons of the pier and its flag can just be made out juxtaposed with Old Glory. The flying flag and warm light convey the heat [...]

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The Pier at the Eastern Yacht Club

I left Parker Lane shortly after Wednesday's image was taken and drove down to Foster Street.  The light was starting to fade but the lights at the Eastern Yacht Club's pier were on and I couldn't resist this view taking in the full length of the beautiful pier lit by lamps and bathed in the last hints of purple glow from the sunset. The Eastern Yacht Club really does have one of the most impressive piers in Marblehead.

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