Yesterday, I shared the first image from these incredible cherry trees at the Harris Street Cemetery.  Today, I’ll share the last image taken on Sunday as I headed back to my car.

I had come across this particle tombstone before and found the inscription fascinating.  As the sun had climbed up in the sky, I was able to get some great light coming off the face of the tombstone.  I chose a wide open aperture to push the beautiful colors of the cherry blossoms into a bit of a blur in the background.

In case you cannot make out the inscription, here is the transcription:

In memory of two friends that were unfortunately Drownd in Marblehead harbour, Sept 17, 1808;
Mr. John Pedrick 4th Aged 21 years & 13 days, Mr. Samuel Hiter Jr, Aged 20 years & 4 months,
the only sons of Capt. John & Mrs. Sarah Pedrick, Capt. Samuel & Mrs. Hannah Hiter.