Harris Street and the Cherry Blossom Tree

After arriving at the Harris Street cemetery on Friday, I quickly decided that the first tree had the fullest canopy and was also receiving the best light. I tried to capture the tree serving as a border between the cemetery with its ancient gravestones and the old houses making up historic downtown Marblehead just past its trunk. With the angle of the sun, I found my shadow kept appearing on the ground before me and ruining my compositions until I found this spot where I was able to crouch down and get the view I had envisioned.

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Light and Fog at Old Burial Hill

This image of fog comes from an outing in July and a walk around Old Burial Hill.  I arrived just as the sun dipped below the gazebo on top of the hill and used the structure and fog to help break up the light falling on Old Burial Hill.

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The Tombstone Under the Cherry Blossoms

Yesterday, I shared the first image from these incredible cherry trees at the Harris Street Cemetery.  Today, I'll share the last image taken on Sunday as I headed back to my car. I had come across this particle tombstone before and found the inscription fascinating.  As the sun had climbed up in the sky, I was able to get some great light coming off the face of the tombstone.  I chose a wide open aperture to push the beautiful colors of the cherry blossoms into a bit of a blur in the background. In case you cannot make out the [...]

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