The 2013 Marblehead High School Senior carnival came into town on Thursday and, as is always the case, brought with it cold and a bit of rain to break up the warm Spring days we had been enjoying up til then.  The weather improved over the weekend and the carnival seemed better attended than recent years.  I had little opportunity to shoot without my kids clamoring for cash but managed a sunrise session and one evening shoot.

This image was taken on Saturday night.  I had arrived at 7pm and ended up parking behind Dennis Curtin and Rick Ashley (two great photographers in town) who were there to get some flash photography shots.  It was great to have this serendipitous meet up and we chatted for a bit as the sun dipped in the sky.  Within a few minutes of arriving, however, I noticed this scene before me and decided to shoot it as a long exposure.  With the right timing, I envisioned the ferris wheel whirling around as the sun set behind it.  I was really hoping that a few onlookers would pause long enough to show through the frame rather than disappearing during the 30 second exposure.

This one image turned out to be the best of the attempts and I fought with a color vs black and white conversion.  In the end, the black and white helped focus the eye on the subject of the ferris wheel and the signs of the carnival stands rather than being drawn to the colors of sunset or the distracting color of the clothes on a few onlookers.  Hope you like it.