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Hunting the Moon at Redd’s Pond

Today was a great Wednesday in Marblehead! Started off at dawn shooting the full moon setting and getting lucky with anti-crepuscular rays at sunrise. I thought I would share that shot tonight or tomorrow but then decided to head out to shoot the moonrise. In between, I was invited to Eat Well Kitchen and learned they want to showcase my photography for the month of November!  Going to put up prints next Wednesday (stop by and say hi) and then will be there for a Pop Up on December 4th with books and calendars - Save the Date! So I [...]

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November Surf

Last night I decided to look through all images captured in November that were stuck in my 'to be posted' folder and rediscovered this shot captured on November 18, 2012. I had come away with a couple of keepers from this outing to Devereux Beach on a warm November evening but decided to go with another image over this long exposure shot at the time. I decided to reset and start over in processing this shot captured over 1/4 of a second with a small aperture to capture the movement of the November surf pulling back from shore into the [...]

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Moonlit Sunset

Today we go back 7 years to July 15, 2013 and this moonlit sunset over Devereux Beach. I had decided to push the exposure time to 6 seconds by lowering the ISO to 50 and the aperture of the lens to f/22 which served to turn the ocean water into a perfectly calm canvas for reflecting the soft pink light of sunset. The half moon was a nice bonus to break up that patch of sky over the clouds.

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London Calling

On Wednesday, June 26, my family boarded an overnight flight to London for the start of a two week vacation. I hope you don't mind my taking a break from Marblehead images to share some of my favorites from this trip. We arrived in London on Thursday morning and stayed there until Sunday when we flew to our next destination. In those three days, we would walk over 20 miles from our AirBnB flat in Marylebone to Covent Garden, Buckingham Palace (for the changing of the guard), Westminster to board a boat ride up the Thames River, Borough Market and [...]

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Spinning Neon

This is my last image of the Marblehead Carnival for the year and one of my favorites. I had set up my tripod in front of the Round Up ride and was shooting frames of the midway as the sun set and the blue hour passed. I hadn't yet managed to capture the view of the neon lights of the rides fully showcasing their movement until the sky had fully darkened.  It took an 8 second exposure and some luck in having both rides moving to realized this shot. The long exposure meant that the mostly teenage crowd on the [...]

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Time Passes at Castle Rock

Tomorrow marks the 8 year anniversary of Wednesdays in Marblehead and I thought I would look in the 'to be posted' folder for the oldest image waiting to see the light of day. This shot was captured on June 11, 2008 (just over one month after we moved to Marblehead). I spent two years exploring Marblehead with my camera before deciding to start a blog and share these images with the world. Every year I look back and reflect on the journey that these images and this town have carried me on.  More to come tomorrow...

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Milky Water and the Lights of the Causeway

It's 'Marblehead Causeway' week on Wednesdays in Marblehead.  Since we are firmly in 'stick season' in between the beauty of Winter and the warmth of Spring, I thought I would visit my 'to be posted' archive and decided to share five very different images of our causeway. Today's image comes from May 2012 and a time when I was exploring long exposure images and doing much more black and white work.  This one combined both having been shot on the Neck side of the causeway looking back toward Riverhead beach.  The 20 second exposure smoothed the water of the harbor [...]

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Still Waters at Sunset

On Friday night, I headed out at sunset hoping to catch a beautiful sunset light up the evening sky.  Clouds had filled the sky as the day progressed but a small break near the horizon offered the chance for sunlight to shine through and set the clouds on fire. As luck would have it, the break in the clouds closed as the sun set and I had to make due with a more subdued blue light in the night sky.  As it happened, Marblehead Harbor was very calm and I decided to close down the aperture on the camera and [...]

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The Shores of Chandler Hovey

As I looked through the archive to find yesterday's image of a warm Summer sunset, I couldn't help finding enough images to fill this week's posts.  As my full time job as an Allergist hits its busiest week with birch and oak pollen likely to hit seasonal highs, I thought I would continue with images from the archives and resign myself to leaving the camera in the bag this week. Today's image comes from May 2012 and a visit to Chandler Hovey Park on a foggy day.  I had been shooting a lot of long exposure images and decided to [...]

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Thankful for Five Years of Sharing the Beauty of Marblehead

Each year on Thanksgiving, I give thanks for the support of those who see and interact with my images on my website and various social media locations.  I started Wednesdays in Marblehead in August 2010 as a personal project to learn more about my new town.  I still remember those early days when I would post an image to the website and wonder if anyone would ever see it.  After five years and over 1,000 images shared, I'm humbled that so many have connected with these photos of Marblehead and the beauty to be found in a span of 4.4 [...]

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