The lobster shanties that line Fort Beach Way seem to offer a wealth of photographic opportunities.  This one in particular with its great lines has been begging to be photographed and yet the light never seemed right or there was too much clutter or not enough lobster traps to fit together as a solid composition.

On this particular day, I headed out when I saw just enough cloud cover and hoped I would make it in time to catch some light at the right angle off the curved roof of this particular lobster shanty.  As it turned out, I couldn’t have asked for better conditions.  The light was highlighting the upper door of the lobster shanty and the clouds were moving just fast enough to form these great streaks during the two minute exposure.

I spent quite a bit of time working on the conversion to black and white and highlighting specific elements in the scene like the tarp and name plate.  That ended up being the clincher to making this image one of my all time favorites as it says: “Designed and Built by Richard E Sleeper for Perry Asher, Fisherman 1985”.  Just so happens my son’s name is Asher ;-)

This image is currently hanging at the Marblehead Arts Association as part of the October 2013 ‘Building’ Open photography exhibit.  I promise it looks even better in print so head down and take a look if you have some time.