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Racing Toward MH1 – Fine Art Photography of Marblehead

A few years ago, the concept of fine art photography took hold with grand long exposure black and white images or incredibly atmospheric views of far off places.  Try as I might, I hadn't been able to realize my version of this genre until July 5th when the perfect amount of fog rolled into Marblehead harbor only to be backlit by the setting sun. As the fog thickened and thinned out and its color changed with the position of the sun, I composed images within Marblehead harbor while keeping my eye on a group of Townies heading out.  Five Town [...]

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The Lobster Shanty

The lobster shanties that line Fort Beach Way seem to offer a wealth of photographic opportunities.  This one in particular with its great lines has been begging to be photographed and yet the light never seemed right or there was too much clutter or not enough lobster traps to fit together as a solid composition. On this particular day, I headed out when I saw just enough cloud cover and hoped I would make it in time to catch some light at the right angle off the curved roof of this particular lobster shanty.  As it turned out, I couldn't [...]

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Long Exposure – Rocks in a Milky Harbor

Tuesday means another Long Exposure image.  This one comes from last Wednesday morning on an ill-fated attempt to shoot sea smoke.  Despite the 10 F temps, the harbor was eerily clear when I arrived at dawn to photograph this scene.  Rather than giving up, I decided to wait til sunrise and see what the clouds and light might offer.  As it turns out, the image came out great and I ended up sharing it last week. Before the sun rose, however, there was just enough light to play with some long exposures.  This was still the blue hour and I [...]

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Long Exposure – Smoking Tendrils on Devereux Beach

Tuesday means it's time for a Long Exposure image and this time we turn to Devereux beach.  I shared an image in color and of much shorter duration taken during the sunset on December 23rd.  I had noted these great tendrils that formed as the surf pushed through at certain points.  The previous image showed the reflections of sunset [see it by clicking here]. This image was created as a 30 second exposure.  The longer duration turned the ocean into mist and I processed this to accentuate the water below and clouds above.  I'm curious which you like more - [...]

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Long Exposure – Marblehead Harbor in Black and White

Much of my black and white long exposure work has been influenced by some incredibly talented photographers whom I have met through Google+.  Of them, Joel Tjintjelaar has been a particularly strong influence.  His work is simply incredible and I highly recommend a visit to his online gallery: This image was taken at dawn in mid-November shortly after capturing this view of Fort Sewall and the harbor [link].  I turned to face the causeway and captured this view of Marblehead harbor (now empty for the Winter) in a 15 second exposure.  I had initially processed it in color but the [...]

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Long Exposure – The Pier

Long exposure Tuesday brings us the second image in this new series and one that is hanging at the Hooper mansion this month.  As I mentioned last week, I have sought new ways to capture the town of Marblehead and began with the Rooftop Thursday series.  This Winter, I began to explore long exposure photography with the goal of creating beautiful black and white fine art images of our town. Today's image comes from the pier at Mooring Road.  This was a 3 minute exposure - the camera was placed on a tripod, a timer set and I ran off [...]

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