If there’s one thing I’ve learned after five years and over 900 images taken of Marblehead, it is to never pass up an unintentional morning wake up.  And so it was that on Wednesday, April 23rd, when I woke for no good reason at 5:30am, I promptly got out of bed and checked the morning sky and weather forecast.  The latter called for mostly cloudy/overcast conditions and I worried that might block any chance of seeing the sunrise.  However, a quick look out the window suggested there might be a break at the horizon and I headed out the door hoping for some light to shine through.

By the time I had driven to the end of my street, I could see light starting to creep across the sky.  I decided to head to the closest location with a good vantage point – Bass Rock Lane.  I was there and out of my car in five minutes flat and ran to the rocky shoreline where I had just enough time to set up the tripod and grab this, my first image of the morning.

The clouds had broken at the horizon as it turned out but just enough of a cloud cover remained to blunt the light of the rising sun and help balance the scene.  The angle of the sun formed great reflected glows in the ocean water which countered the reflections coming off the house on Spray Avenue.

This was a perfect sunrise and I felt privileged to witness and share it.  I sought out a few more compositions after this one which I will share in the weeks to come and then headed to Hammond Park from which I was able to capture images of Marblehead harbor.