Bass Rock Lane

Bass Rock Sunset

This photo was taken 40 minutes after yesterday's rainbow over the causeway and lamp posts. After the rainbow disappeared, I was treated to an incredible sunset at Devereux Beach full of vibrant orange color. By 8:15pm, I had shot the same clouds from every angle imaginable and packed up to head home. As I drove down Atlantic Avenue, I noticed the sky turning shades of pink and quickly turned onto Rockaway Avenue and then walked out to the end of the public way at Bass Rock Lane where I saw this.  I couldn't decide between the tighter shot of the [...]

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Buoys at Sunset

As New Years day came to a close, my son and I went out to capture images of the first sunset of 2016.  The sun was threatening to disappear behind the building clouds so we headed to Bass Rock Lane first and I shot a few images from the rocky edge. As we walked back to the car, I spotted this familiar scene and set about to capture the colorful buoys on a small shed with the light of sunset seen in the sky and reflected in the window while a small patch of grass danced in the wind.

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Sunset Reflection to Welcome the New Year – First Sunset of 2016

New Years Day ended up being quite busy with a morning outing to capture the sunrise and an invitation for my son and I to go roller skating with several other families from Marblehead in the afternoon.  As we returned from that outing, I noted the sun breaking through clouds and some great light hitting the ocean.  I convinced my son to come out with me to capture the first sunset of 2016 and we were off. Our first stop was Bass Rock Lane which is very close to the house and offered the best chance for a shot of the light [...]

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Catching the Moon Rise at Bass Rock Lane

On Tuesday, June 30th, my daughter was attending a cooking class at Shubies that was due to end at 7pm.  Realizing that pickup would tie in closely to sunset, I grabbed my camera and two old ones for the kids and went out with my son to pick her up.  We grabbed some ice cream at Terry's next door and I tried to figure out the best spot to take them.  The sunset didn't hold much promise and so we drove home.  Along the way, I spotted the moon rising over the water and decided on a last minute detour [...]

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Striking Sunset from Bass Rock Lane

This image from the rocks at the end of Bass Rock Lane was captured in mid-October.  I had gone out with some ideas in mind for this shoot and had also brought along my new iPhone 6 to try out its time-lapse mode.  I set up the phone and proceeded to scamper around the rocks looking for strong compositions including this one with the setting sun and houses along the Atlantic Ocean. I shared the time-lapse that evening but hadn't had a chance to share this image until today.

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Incredible Sunrise Reflecting on the Ocean

If there's one thing I've learned after five years and over 900 images taken of Marblehead, it is to never pass up an unintentional morning wake up.  And so it was that on Wednesday, April 23rd, when I woke for no good reason at 5:30am, I promptly got out of bed and checked the morning sky and weather forecast.  The latter called for mostly cloudy/overcast conditions and I worried that might block any chance of seeing the sunrise.  However, a quick look out the window suggested there might be a break at the horizon and I headed out the door [...]

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Snow Covered Buoys and the Ocean Beyond

This image comes from early February and the morning after a snowstorm.  I've shared a few images taken from the end of Bass Rock Lane and have shared one of this buoy covered shed before as well (though in much warmer conditions). I just couldn't pass up the image of snow covered buoys hanging on the side of the shed with the Atlantic Ocean beyond all lit in dawn's early light.

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Impossibly Beautiful – Fences in the Snow and the Ocean Beyond

Continuing with this week's theme of images captured on the morning of Thursday, February 6 after 10-12 inches of snow fell on Marblehead, we come to this impossibly beautiful scene. After capturing the image at Fort Sewall and then the tree lined street of Glendale Road, I noticed the clouds were lighting up and decided to head to a nearby favorite vantage point. I arrived at Bass Rock Lane to find much of the lane that extends to the Atlantic ocean beyond covered with unmarked snow. I hated to disturb the snow and so I set up a vertical shot [...]

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Full Double Rainbow over Marblehead

On Monday night, I shared the story and first image from my wild race to capture the incredible double rainbow that took shape at sunset over Marblehead.  [LINK] As I mentioned, I had driven to Bass Rock Lane as it was the closest spot to the house offering unobstructed views of the water.  Shortly after capturing the image of a double rainbow that I shared immediately after coming home, I turned the camera to the portrait/vertical orientation and fired off 6 shots in the hopes of capturing the full double rainbow. While the earlier shot required little in the way [...]

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Full Rainbow over Ram’s Island

I was just finishing the last page in the Percy Jackson book I had been reading to my son when I hear my wife scream.  She opened the door and told me to grab my camera and get out as fast as possible.  As soon as I stepped outside I saw the most vibrant rainbow I had ever seen.  I knew I had minutes to shoot it and drove out as fast as I could to the nearest spot with a good vantage point - Spray Avenue.  I parked, swapped out to put my widest lens on and ran down [...]

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