I mentioned in yesterday’s post that I had gone out on Monday night as elements in the sky lined up nicely and seemed ready to add up to a solid sunset.  Having lived off Village Street for our first few years in Marblehead, I knew the Rockett Landing (or Village Street Landing) well and had spent many sunsets capturing the light reflecting off the waters of Salem Harbor.  It had been at least a year since I had returned to this spot and so I decided to drive here on this particular evening.

I reached Rockett Landing just as the sun was setting below the horizon and raced down to the edge of the floats to capture the unobstructed view of the water, boats and clouds reflecting the light from the setting sun.  While those images were nice, I felt that the foreground wasn’t doing much for the composition and began to walk back up toward Village Street looking over my shoulder as I went.  It wasn’t until  I reached the top of the short pier attached to the street that I saw this composition.

I actually started off shooting from my tripod and then grabbed the iPhone for a quick snap that I could share with on Facebook page.  As the light was fading, I needed to stabilize the phone and settled on this handrail.  It was then that I realized this composition trumped those I had been getting from the camera perched on three legs and quickly took the camera off and set about to compose this final image.  I decided to angle the camera so that the three benches acted as leading lines into the scene and beckoned the viewer to take a seat for sunset at Rockett Landing.