Time for another entry in the ‘From the Rooftops Thursday’ theme and back to the cupola of the Jeremiah Lee Mansion.  For this image, I decided to move the camera as close to the window as possible and compose an image of Bank Square seen below and Marblehead Harbor beyond with the sun’s light diffused by a large cloud.  This is how my eyes took in the scene and how I envisioned it but for technical reasons, the image needed to be composed of two shots with different focus points.

A bit on the technical aspects of the image:

This photo was captured at f/11 at 32mm on a full frame camera.  The problem was that, with the camera located so close to the glass panes, the sensor could not hold focus on the window frame and the scene beyond.  I needed to take two images in rapid succession with focus on the scene beyond and then the window frame.  The two shots were hand blended in Photoshop and then processed to bring out the detail you see.